She has the look: Barbara Martelo

                                                                      Hello everyone!!
Today we bring a special post for all of you, with Barbara Martelo, Fashion Editor. I didn´t know she is from Spain, she started her career as stylist at Telva and then she joined Vogue Spain team.  Now Barbara publishes in several magazines around the world and she also works as a consultant for designers. She is such a source of inspiration to us.

I´ve chose her because she perfectly represents the chic french style, skinny trousers, silky blouses or oversize t-shirts and stilettos, always faithful to only one color: black. Classic and basics pieces paired with some key pieces; leather, fur coats, Balmain jackets!

Mini leather skirts tightless that enhances femenine curves. You don´t need to be a wise to realise this is the perfect look, with a less is more attitude. I´m sorry guys, my opinion is so biased because for me this is THE LOOK! Elegance in pure!

I hope you like it!!! HAVE A NICE WEEKEND ALL OF YOU :)


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